Saturday, September 11, 2010

Discovery Toys

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I do have some cards to post, but I will post them soon. My daughter Tinetta, has been pretty sick these last couple of months. She is having some stomach problems, and on Friday, the stomach doctor will look down a scope to see, what's going on. She also, got injured at work this past Wensday. She was opening a Security door at her job, made of steel and her left foot, got caught and her big toe, got cut on the left side of it. Lucky for her, she didn't have stitches. She is on some pain meds and have to be off it for a few days. She has a boot to wear also.
I wanted to let everyone know, I'm a consultant for Discovery Toys now. I'm giving you the e-mail and website info:

website is:

e-mail address is:

The company has been in business for 32 years. These are educational toys for kids from infant, toddler, preschool, and school years. I'm really excited about this company, because I work at a Daycare and it's fun watching kids, play with learning toys. They get so excited when they figure out, how the toys work. Their eyes just light up with joy. I plan to do a funraiser for Toys for Tots, around the Holiday also. I also, plan to do one for Children's Hospital too! Please take time to stop by the website and check it out. Especially if you have children or grandchildren, in that age group from infants-8+ and up. These are a blessing for any child.

I plan on getting the cards, I have done posted in the next couple of days, before going out of town too Parma Heights, Ohio to be with my daughter for her testing. Please keep her in your prayers. Have a Blessed weekend!

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  1. Nice to hear what's going on in your life Judy. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I wish you total success with Discovery Toys. They really do have top-of-the-line products. Once my girls start having kids I'll be sure to check it out (they need to get married first:)