Monday, January 10, 2011

I have been sick with Pneumonia

Hello Everyone,
I was just released from the hospital yesterday around six p.m.  I was told on Thursday, they found a touch of Pneumonia on my left lower side of my lung.  Before I went in, I was carrying very high fevers.  I had trouble keeping the fever's down.   Thursday I went to the emergency room, I had a X-ray done and they found the pneumonia.  I was given a antibiotic and cough meds.  By Saturday, I wasn't feeling any better and my fever was increasing, within each half hour.  By the time I went back that day, to be recheck, the fever was 103.1.
I felt weak and had a slight cough, but it's a dry one.  I was admitted at nine that night, I got there by six that evening.  I had to stay for 24 hours until the fever stopped and they could control the virus.  I was given antibiotic through a IV instead and some breathing treatments.  Once I'm back too my full strength, maybe I can start creating again.  I tried when, I first felt sick and didn't finish a card or anything.  I had some ear pain also, so leaning down didn't help either.  I hope everyone will have a blessed week!  Please keep your prayers up for me.  I continue to pray for my healing also.

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