Thursday, July 14, 2011

Loss of a Family Member

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted any cards lately.  I was out of town last week during the July Fourth weekend.
I went to support Patty, who's my childrens Aunt.  Her husband Chester had became very ill the weekend, before the Fourth.  He was admitted to the hospital in ICU.  He had cancer and it had gotten to his stomach, lungs and kidneys.  He had internal bleeding also and kidney disease.  I wanted to see him, while he was still with us.  I spent alot of time at the hospital and at their house with Patty. She has trouble speaking, so I would talk for her.  We spent the night on the Fourth until five the next morning, with Chester in the ICU.  He thought he wouldn't make it through the night.  But he did.  We went to her home and slept for a few hours, then right back to the hospital.  It was so hard to see him suffer in the pain, he had and to see him cry.  We all cried with him and smiled with him.  I stayed a extra day, to get my strength up to travel, back home on that Wens.  I did some calls for Patty cancelling appointments, that was made for Chester.  The doctor had called that morning, and told Patty he had from 2 days to two weeks to live.  I tried to help her out as, much as I could. 
I drove back to Columbus, during the afternoon on Wens.  Chester passed away at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday.  Patty was holding his hand and didn't realize he had gone.  His sister Barb was in the room also.  She had worked in the OR at the hospital and knew when it happen.  She's a Minister now and we became friends.  I hadn't met her until I was in town in Wheeling, WVA.  Chester didn't want prayer at first and finally on the Fourth he accepted Jesus and let a Minister pray for him.  God works things out, that we can't do.   My daughter Tinetta and Mike came to see him, the Sunday before the Fourth.  Chester was happy to see her and to meet Mike.  He had such a big smile on his face, when we all was visiting.  Then his body started to begin to change and shut down later that day.
I knew God, wanted me to be there for Patty and I did what he wanted me to do.  It was hard for us, but with God's help, we got through it.  There was no Funeral service, that's what Chester wanted and had everything taken care of and paid.  I'm just worried about Patty, they would of been married 40 years next month.  She wasn't eating before I got there, but started eating while I was with her.  She's still having trouble sleeping right now, being in the house alone.  I have been calling and checking on her, just about everyday.  Her Church family has been supporting her also and her two brothers.
I thank God for all he has done and Chester is at peace and not in pain now.   May God Bless all of you and your families.   I hope to be back creating soon.

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