Monday, October 24, 2011

My Move

Hello Everyone,
I'm finally in my new town house.  I have been busy unpacking and getting things in order here.
I can now say, everything is out of the boxes and unpacked!  That's why I hadn't been posting lately.
I have been so tired and sore muscles.  I also, got my creative scraproom studio set up now.  I can get back to my creating.  I'm only missing a photo box,for some apparent reason, full of photo's also!
I had to be here a the new place for the cable guy to hook up my internet and cable.  I had lefted it on my shelf in my old room, to come back to get.  It never came on the truck with other things. 
The guy was new and took him over three hours to get the internet and cable on.  I couldn't go back to get another load in my car.  My husband doesn't know, what happen to it.   That's the only bad part of my move.  It's quiet here and peaceful. 
I just need to get ink this week for my printer, then I can start creating again!  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.  Have a blessed week!

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