Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tinetta's Wedding Day

Hello Everyone,
It's been a long time since, I have posted on my blog.  I have been having some health issuses.
I want to let you all know, I have a son in law now.  My daughter's Wedding was Sept. 28th, 2012.
I had been busy preparing for it.  It was held at Faith Family Church in Canton, Ohio.  It was a Friday
evening wedding.  I want to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Serdinak.
I was happy my son got to come and be a part of his sister's wedding.
There is a pic of the both of them together.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Have a wonderful
and blessed day!  I have been creating cards, I'm still having trouble with my scanner, getting them loaded on my blog.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Share The Memories

Hello Everyone,
It has been a good while since, I have posted.  I did find out what's wrong, with my health issues.
I have a high herinated disc in the cervical neck area.  It's pretty large.  I will need it taken out.
But I decided not to have surgery now, because my daughter Tinetta's Wedding is Sept. 28th.
Her Bridal Shower was this pass weekend.  She was so nervous and happy.    I will see my doctor in Oct. and then decide on the surgery.  I want to enjoy Tinetta's Wedding first.  I have to be careful not to injury the neck at all, fall or be in a accident.  What a big order!   I just give it up to God and he will see me through the ups and downs.  I'm not allowed to lift heavy things and had to give up my job for now. 
Enough about me!  I wanted to share with everyone information about My Memories Website.  Those of you, who enjoy Digital Scrapbooking, or other paper crafting.  You need to check this site out!
There's alot of adorable kits there and great prices.  They have a My Memories Suite 3 Digital Scrapbooking Software.  If you purchase the software and use the promo code from my blog, you will receive $10.00 off your purchase.  The promo code is: STMMMS221130.   Make sure to use this code for your discount.  I will link the site for you. 
Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a blessed day!http://www.mymemories.com/

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello Everyone,
It's been awhile since, I have posted.  I have been having alot of health issues lately.  I just found out, I have two high herianated hernia's in my neck area.  I have been having so much pain, in the last few months.  I have tried Physical Theraphy for a month, it didn't help much.  Then my doctor had a MRI done.  He wanted to see, if I may have a disc that's giving me problems.  He was right, there's two of them.  He did give me meds, which got rid of the left arm and shoulder pain.  The neck and upper area between my shoulders, is where I was feeling alot of pressure and pain.  I couldn't do alot, and trying to do card making and scrapbooking, had become a challenge for me.   The MRI also showed Nodules on my Thyroid.  Last Thursday, I had a Ultra Sound done on it.  It showed Multiple Nodules.
I'm waiting for the office to contact me, I was referred too.  They may have to do a biopsy.  I have made a few cards.  But my scanner on my printer decided to stop working.  I have been trying to get it working again.  If it's not one thing it's another.  I'm sorry, I can't show my cards right now.  But  I may have to take pictures with my camera and upload them.    I'm  not allowed to work, so I hve been taking it easy.  I seen a surgeon yesterday for my neck.  My daughter's Wedding is in Sept. and her Bridal Shower is next month.  I told the surgeon, I would like to wait , until her Wedding is over.
My son Robert and daughter Tinetta is so concerned about me right now.  But I want to be at her Wedding and Bridal Shower and enjoy myself.  But I told Tinetta yesterday, if the pain gets worse, I will go and have the surgery done.  I just have to be careful in what I do and don't injure my neck in anyway!  Thank you everyone who has been so supported of me and so sweet.  I hope to be able to create like, I use too soon!  I have put my cares and worries into God's hands.   I trust in him and he will heal me.  God Bless everyone and have a blessed week and weekend also!  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I will keep you all updated!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello Everyone,
I wanted to post these cards, I created before it storms here.  I used Digital Stamps and Stickers for Sentiments.  I used Assorted Pattern Papers and Card Stock.  The images was colored with Copic Markers.  I used Martha Stewarts and EK Sucess punches, gems and flowers and brads.  I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I'm feeling alot better now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Update on Me

Hello Everyone,
I'm sorry, I haven't posted in awhile.  I had been working alot of hours at a job.   On the 14th if this month, I ended up in the hospital again.  I was having chest pains and pressure in my chest.  A heart cath was done, and the good news is my arteries aren't blocked.  I had to stop work for awhile again.   The doctors think, I over did it and put too much stress on my body.  So, I'm home healing and hope to be creating again soon.  Have a wonderful and blessed week.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Cards

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  I had time to create four cards today, I like to share them with you.  I used Digital Images from The Stamping Boutique, Digi Stamps For Joy, Cre8tive Hands, and Berry Wishes.  These images are so adorable!  I used assorted Pattern Papers, Cuttlebug Folder, Martha Stewart's Border Punch, Ribbon and Gems.   I colored the images with Copic Markers.  I used a stamp set , I ordered from Paper Wishes.  The stamps are new mini stamps and I only paid 99 cents for them.  I had watched at video on their website and fell in love with them.   I wanted to post the cards tonight, I just finished them.  I will be busy all week long, and hope to have time to create and relax.  Have a wonderful and bless week!  God is so good, and  he loves us all.  Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Cards

Hello Everyone,
It's been awhile since, I have posted some cards.  I finally had time to create a few cards.  I started on them last night, but finished them today!  I used Digital Images from Victoria Case and Rhoda Studio's.   I misplaced the paper my other two images are written on.  I used Paper Studio's Pattern Papers, Martha Stewarts Punches, Gems, Ribbons and Pop Dots.  Have a wonderful and Bleseed Day!   Thank you so much, for stopping by my blog!