Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tinetta's Wedding Day

Hello Everyone,
It's been a long time since, I have posted on my blog.  I have been having some health issuses.
I want to let you all know, I have a son in law now.  My daughter's Wedding was Sept. 28th, 2012.
I had been busy preparing for it.  It was held at Faith Family Church in Canton, Ohio.  It was a Friday
evening wedding.  I want to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Michael Serdinak.
I was happy my son got to come and be a part of his sister's wedding.
There is a pic of the both of them together.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Have a wonderful
and blessed day!  I have been creating cards, I'm still having trouble with my scanner, getting them loaded on my blog.

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