Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,
It's been over a year since, I posted on my blog.  I had ups and downs last year!
But God is so good.  I know, this year has to be a wonderful and blessed year.
God has blessed my daughter with a son last year Oct. 1.  My daughter and Hubby, had lost
their first child.  I has been a very rough road for them and me.  I'm so blessed with
my new grandson Emmitt Micah Serdinak.  I was there for his birth.  He was 7lbs and 5 oz.
He just turned 3 months old yesterday.  Right before his birth, I was in another car accident.
Sept. 14 a young woman ran the red light, no driver's license . But the car she was driving
was insured.  She hit the passenger rear side of my car.  Hit me so hard, that I spun around.
I ended up with a sprain neck and back injury.  I was so upset, too close for the birth of
my grandson.  But God protected me once again.  His grace and mercy and his love is so
good.  I love God so much, and thank him for watching over me. 
I had pain , but not as bad, from my first car accident.  I'm having more issues, with my right arm now.
I'm right handed and loose feeling at time in both hands.  I have been creating and belong to groups on Facebook.  I got hooked on the Pocket Letter's Pals, Julie Nutting Doll Club, Addicted 2 Paper Dolls and few other groups .  I been doing swaps in and out of the US.   It's fun sharing my creativity with others.
And seeing others creativity, when you receive their swaps! I have posted my Paper Doll tags on
Pinterest also.  I plan to post my creations here too.
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!  Thank you for stopping by.

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